Minimum numbers must be reached for each course to run. If a course is not able to proceed, you will be given a full refund or offer of an alternative (if possible).


Students cannot access the pottery studio prior to the start time of a class and are required to be ready to leave the class at the scheduled end time. The time before the class is preparation time for Connie to get the studio ready for the class. The time immediately following the class is time when Connie is required to clean and tidy the studio.


Students cannot make their own projects that deviate from the course outline. Hand building is not taught. Students must follow the activities that are laid out in the course curriculum.


Students take home the ceramics that they make during the course. 1 bag of clay and the firing of the ceramics made during class are included in cost of the course. Students have the option to purchase another bag of clay if they require more clay and are required to pay for additional firing costs of the ceramics that they make with the extra clay.


Please choose the course carefully as all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable except in exceptional circumstances. Missed classes are the students' responsibility and no refunds or credits can be given. Unfortunately, because of the small size of the studio, and small class sizes it is not possible to make up missed classes. The class size of 6 is the absolute maximum to allow Connie to give students enough attention so it is not possible to accommodate extra students making up for a class they missed.

If you are unable to complete a term please notify your Connie, or email thepotterylearningcentre@gmail.com


Connie Lichti’s pottery classes are available in school terms only. If we do not get sufficient enrolments for any course, that course will not go ahead for that term.


Please try to complete your pieces in time for the end of a term. Access cannot be given to the studio to finish off works after the term ends, and because of demand, we cannot guarantee a position in the following term to complete your work.

Storage in the Pottery Learning Centre is limited.


The Pottery Learning Centre has the right to refuse to fire any item made in class. We will endeavor to fire as many works as possible, but as it is a time consuming process, there is a limit to what is physically possible. Because of this, and to avoid waste, Connie may on occasion have to let you know that some pieces cannot be fired.


Students are required to act in a way that respects the rights of other people.

Connie is there to assist you in your chosen activity. A student whose behaviour is disruptive to the class or inappropriate towards others will not be tolerated. In such cases, the student may be asked to leave with no recompense for fees lost.


If students have special needs (physical/cognitive) please advise staff on enrolment.


For risk and safety reasons and in consideration of fellow students; visitors (eg friends and relatives) are not allowed into the studio while the class is in progress.